This is your place to contact the writer Paul Devlin Wood, who has lived and worked in Hawai‘i since the mid-1970s. Paul is probably best known for his awarded journalism focused on Island issues, cultures, and natural history.


His teaching work looks three ways: creative writing courses at U.H. Maui College; residencies and workshops as teaching artist with the State Foundation on Culture and the Arts; his ongoing project called Writing Without Pencils, focused on early childhood.


Ingenious Life of Melbourne Smith
Biography of self-taught naval architect, his reckless life, and the astonishing historic vessels he has brought back to the high seas.
Four Wheels Five Corners
In East Maui's gulch country, the past is never what it used to be– if you can believe these comic, celebratory tales.
False Confessions
Sometimes the only way to get at the truth is to tell extravagant lies—or, as Huck Finn called them, "stretchers." 41 short pieces unafraid to poke, satirize, and glorify its home community- Maui.
A sensational—and true—prison escape story of Edward Padilla: the only living person ever to escape from the world's foulest prison—Lurigancho Prison in Peru.
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